The Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee (TREPAC) works on your behalf to make you the ultimate resource for your clients!  By investing in TREPAC, you demonstrate to the homeowners you represent that you are active on their behalf at all levels of government.  You are fighting for their rights everyday and not just during the transaction.

TREPAC builds relationships that benefit both you as a REALTOR as well as your clients. Being active in TREPAC and the HAR political process builds your knowledge of both elected officials and issues at all levels of government, strengthens your ties to your community and allows for networking opportunities with your fellow REALTORS.  All of which can strengthen your relationship with your clients as you bring them knowledge about the community and industry that gets you that 5 star rating.

Enhance your REALTOR toolkit today by investing in TREPAC when you pay your HAR dues! It is the most convenient way to make your TREPAC investment.   Relationships Circle