Realist ImageHAR has contracted with CoreLogic® to provide members access to their market leading MLS tax application, Realist®. Realist® will provide HAR members with expanded coverage and access to county tax records, ownership and mortgage history, as well as foreclosure and distressed property information for all counties across the state of Texas.

Realist® is expected to be available to HAR members beginning in December and will be accessed from inside Tempo and Fusion. Realist® supports access on both PC and Mac using your web browser of choice and the Realist® Mobile application will be available for the iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices as a native app.  Free MCE accredited training classes will be provided by HAR to help members get up to speed and learn how to take advantage of some of the newer features not available in our current tax system.

The Stewart Tax system currently in use will continue to be available into the beginning of 2014 as members learn the new Realist® system.  The Stewart Tax system has served HAR members well for over a decade providing a simplistic and stable tax record search and we appreciate the hard work and dedication of PropertyInfo, our current tax provider.  While we say goodbye to a long standing legacy platform, HAR is also excited to offer its members an industry leading, full featured tax platform that will be supported into the future.

The Realist® system is easy to use for those looking to do a basic tax record search but also provides additional features for users that want to take advantage of more advanced functionality like map based searches or access to in depth property data, community information and trend data.  Users needing only a quick and easy solution will also find themselves taking advantage features that are simple to use but are not available in our current tax system.

The intuitive user interface allows users to view search results in a grid view, map view or split screen displaying the map and grid.  The dynamic search results grid gives users full control over column sorting, column reordering and adding/removing columns from grid results as well as the ability to select and narrow down search results.  From the search results users can print or email reports, export property records to Excel or create mailing labels.  The system is highly configurable allowing users to create and save their own property search forms and search results grid.

Another powerful feature is integration of MLS listing data and property photos into the Realist® tax system.  Combining MLS listings with tax record data allows users to search and preview MLS listings in Realist® alongside foreclosures, distressed properties and off-market tax records that are not listed in the MLS.  This feature also makes possible a robust “Comparables” report for every parcel record based on MLS sales of nearby properties with similar features.

HAR encourages members to begin utilizing and taking advantage of Realist® once it is made available later this year. The software is fairly intuitive and easy to learn so training is not required; however, HAR is offering free training class for those that want to get the most out of the application. Classes will begin in December and members can register at

Multiple browser support – Firefox, Chrome, Safari

  • Access to statewide tax data
  • Mobile app – iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Coming in December!