HAR is committed to helping our REALTOR® members and developing better technology tools to help your business grow. There are several new enhancements to the HAR.com website and two new mobile apps that will soon be available for download. These site enhancements and mobile products are part of HAR’s constant effort to stay ahead of the technology curve and give the best support possible to our members. The new mobile apps are the Open House Registry app and the Texas Real Estate Directory (TRED) app, two powerful technology tools that will complement our flagship mobile product.

HAR.com Website Enhancements
The agent profile has always been a key feature of the HAR.com website in helping members grow their business. An agent’s profile is their virtual calling card, and we just made it even better. HAR members are now able to upload a larger photo onto their profile. Up to 400 x 400 pixels! It’s a small change, but it’s best to put your best “face” forward! We’re also including a “hero image” in your profile’s background, if you’re a current MLS Platinum subscriber. This is a large banner image that will display the current theme of your HAR-provided Agent Website. Be aware, if you change the theme of your Agent Website, your profile background image will also reflect that change.

The profile isn’t all that’s changed. We’ve made significant enhancements to the design that have allowed for a more sleek, modern user interface. The Listing Detail page has received a significant facelift. The same data is there, but we’ve allowed the listings to speak for themselves. The detail pages now feature bigger, brighter images and the whole page has received a facelift to match the current design through the rest of the site. The search results page, the main HAR.com home page, the MyHomeFinder page and even the login page have all received similar design enhancements. We’ve done away with extraneous design elements and awkward menu positioning. HAR.com users will still get the same comprehensive MLS data they’ve come to rely on, with a more direct and efficient display theme.

Mobile Enhancements
The Open House Registry app’s singular focus is on managing an agent’s current and upcoming open houses. The agent can securely register users directly from the app and follow up with them once the open house is completed. It will also save agents a ton of time by downloading the contact information for registered guests directly to their device. The app also allows agents to see the open houses they’ve claimed from other agents. It’s easy for agents to create reports and share information, too. Open House data can be shared with an agent’s contacts right from the app.

The idea behind the new TRED app was to allow consumers and HAR members to connect with each other for networking or to secure real estate services. Users will be able to search from among thousands of agents throughout the state of Texas by name, city, zip code or even real estate designation. They can also search for a preferred real estate firm or agents with a specific designation for a more specialized transaction. There’s a search function for agents in their immediate area as well. They’ll be able to view a detailed profile on the agent or office, including any active and recently sold listings. Also, another feature about the app is that any Texas REALTOR® that’s a member of an MLS association can use the app to become listed with the Houston Association of REALTORS® and claim their free profile on HAR.com.

HAR Real Insight
In January, HAR rolled out a new website called Real Insight. This site is a consumer-focused repository of hundreds of real estate articles, curated and managed by HAR staff. Topics run the gamut from buying and selling a home, remodeling and even how to improve your current home’s value. You can quickly share these articles with your clients or post them on your business page. They’ll also carry your branding, so your customers will be assured that you’re in the know and ready with answers to assist them even better. You can sign up for Real Insight in just moments on HAR.com. You’ll find the sign up form at the bottom of every page. The idea behind this new site is to give consumers the best information available on every aspect of real estate. Feel free to use our resources, educate your customers and grow your business! Sign up today at www.har.com/insight!

HAR is always working hard to make the website, and the associated mobile apps, work better for consumers and HAR members. If you have any questions about any of these changes, please contact us at (713) 629-1900 or support@har.com.