HAR Springs Ahead

While April did have its fair share of showers, I am definitely looking for May flowers-and home sales.

Fortunately, the tax credit incentives, which expired on April 30, seem to have caused some increase in activity in April, with single-family homes sales increasing 10.8% and prices rising nicely as well. You may read all about these latest MLS statistics on pages 7-10.

And even though we are only five months into the year, it is already that time again for members to file to run for the HAR Board of Directors. You have until June 14 to file. Personally, I can tell you that it is one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done. Giving back to the industry and helping shape the policies for all of our members has been so gratifying to me. You may read about the responsibilities and fill out the form on pages 14-15.

We are also about to launch the new REALTOR® Match program, which won NAR’s Game Changer Awards last year. This new tool will allow consumers to have a more activity-based way to search for a REALTOR® on HAR.com. In the past, consumers would just receive an alphabetical list based on zip code, designations or language spoken, but now consumers will receive a list based on the actual activity that REALTOR® has done in the desired neighborhood(s). This is one of the leading-edge consumer services from HAR, and other associations across the country have been inquiring about it. You may read more about it on pages 16-17.

HAR was proud to host the Real Estate Information Symposium (REIS) last month, as industry leaders gathered in Houston to discuss the future of associations and MLSs. Even NAR CEO Dale Stinton spoke about the upcoming challenges and what we can all do to face them head on. Executives from Google, Zillow, REALTOR®.com, REALTOR® Property Resource, First American CoreLogic and others were on hand to speak about their thoughts of where the industry is headed. You may read about the conference on pages 28-29.

The benefits that you receive as a member of HAR are absolutely second to none. Sometimes we forget everything that we receive as part of the Association, so we wanted to give you a list. It isn’t exhaustive, but it shows some of the major things that we all take for granted working in Houston. (Talk to some REALTORS® in other markets to see what I mean.) You may read about all the great things HAR continues to do for each of us on pages 30-31.

Until next month, have a successful May.