Generating quality leads is the biggest factor in creating a successful real estate business. While nurturing referrals and local activity is valuable, the highest performing agents realize that Internet exposure and a consistent online lead stream is the key to building their career. is the #1 lead generation source for agents in the Houston area. We understand that most consumers now begin their real estate transaction by searching online; we are constantly working to find new and innovative ways to attract quality prospects by offering valuable information. As a result, our Platinum Agents capture higher quality leads than other sites can offer. 

As part of our ongoing site improvements, we are proud to announce an upgrade to our popular “Find a Pro” search function. With this enhanced feature, Platinum Agents can now customize their target city and zip code with our “Customize Find a Pro.”

The Problem

Up until now, HAR Find a Pro use the agent’s office address to route leads to their members. Unfortunately, the office city and location might not community where the agent actually farms. As a result, not only do the agents receive leads which do not conform to their business plans, but they waste valuable time and energy chasing leads in communities with which they might not be familiar. 

The Solution

HAR Platinum Agents have an alternative. By accessing the “Customize Find a Pro” feature in the Members Only Area, our Platinum Agents can modify their city and zip code in order to attract the leads for their specific farm or city. 

By allowing our Platinum Agents the ability to customize the leads they receive, HAR brings online lead generation to a new level. Not only do our Platinum Agents benefit from attracting higher quality leads, but consumers reach an agent who is experienced in the local real estate market of their desired location. This provides a higher quality experience for both Platinum Agents and consumers.