Thirty Texas agents have completed a new training program at HAR that raises the bar for professional representation in real estate.

During May of this year, 29 HAR members (and one commuting Dallas agent) became the first agents in the country to complete the Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE®) designation program.  The MCNE® program has been developed over the past four years by the Real Estate Negotiation Institute (based in the Phoenix area).

The MCNE® training program is a negotiation training program unlike any other in the real estate industry.  The six classes (over six total days normally scheduled in two-day segments) train real estate professionals in negotiation skills similar to those used in corporate America and taught at the finest schools in the country.  Importantly, the training includes application of proven negotiation techniques in real estate negotiation situations that help improve client results.  “Our goal is to raise the bar in professional representation of buyers and sellers in the real estate industry,” says Tom Hayman, CEO, and co-founder (along with John Wenner) of the Real Estate Negotiation Institute.

Martin Card of Houston became the very first MCNE® graduate after completing his sixth and final course the morning of May 19.  Eight additional agents completed the program that afternoon: Diane Ayers, Elizabeth Collins, Candance Erickson, Karen Friend, Toni McIntyre, John Newsom, Chalmette Ray, and Kellie Shorthose.

On May 20, 20 additional agents earned their MCNE® designation: Melaine Anderson, Evette Atlas, Joan Collins, Thomas Devoughan Day, Jr., Monica De LaTorre, Rebecque Demark, Mary Lou Green, Bet Jennings, Vicki Looney, Juan Mackrizz, Robert Mays, Garrett McWhorter, Ann Michael, Martina Nerrant, Jay Patel, Adriana Seuffert, Phuong Tu Nguyen, Vickey Wachtel, Jerry Wardenski and Roxane Witte.  Michele Haddock then completed her MCNE® requirements on May 30.

Clients hire real estate agents to help achieve the best results possible in the sale or purchase of property.  While no agent can guarantee specific results for a buyer or seller, MCNE® agents can prove they are the best-trained real estate professionals in the one skill that influences the final outcome the most – negotiation!  “Negotiation skills are fundamental to success in real estate and the MCNE® designation shows clients that you have invested significant time and effort to acquire higher level skills for their benefit,” says Hayman.










Initial comments from MCNE® graduates show the success and excitement of having achieved this milestone:

“The negotiation classes have helped me tremendously with my business. Mainly, they have given me the confidence to represent my clients better and helped to obtain win/win outcomes. Since receiving the designations, I have had numerous opportunities to utilize what was taught. The referrals I am receiving from clients are proof they were very satisfied and impressed with my negotiation skills.  I recommend your classes to many of my fellow agents and friends.”
– Joan Collins

The best thing I can say about the MCNE® training is that it is not only a distinct advantage to prepare me for clients in commercial and residential real estate transactions, but also for my duties as a Mediation officer to Harris County small claims courts through the Dispute Resolution Center!  I have already pulled from this information so many times that I have lost count!”
– Mary Lou Green

“I learned a great deal of negotiation techniques in the MCNE® classes, and I sincerely believe these classes should be taken by every REALTOR® who chooses to offer first quality service to his/her clients.”  – Juan Mackrizz

“Sellers recognize that they need a good negotiator to get things done.  Once I explain the “plan” that we have for helping to achieve their goals, they realize the benefit of having an MCNE® representing them.” – Vicki Looney

“I have really been using my new negotiating skills to the max and I love it!”  – Toni McIntyre

You have clearly meticulously put together a program from which the real estate industry will benefit for many generations to come.”  – Thomas Devoughan Day, Jr.

”I have used the resources you provided when negotiating my commissions for a listing and negotiating on many steps in the process of working for my clients.  My friends even use it when they tell their friends about me.  What an honor to be one of the first MCNE® Graduates.” 
– Kellie Shorthose

“A woman called me from Seattle as they will be moving here next summer. She was especially impressed with my MCNE® because she is a negotiator with Microsoft and was glad she could work with someone who understood negotiations!  I took great pride in being able to tell her that I was one of the first in the Houston area to get the CNE® designation and in the first 30 in the nation to achieve the MCNE®.”  – Vickey Wachtel

The six courses required for the MCNE® designation are:

  • Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE®) designation course (2 days)
  • Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Listing Agents (1 day)
  • Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Buyer’s Agents (1 day)
  • Mastering Email Negotiations in Real Estate (1 day)
  • Cultural Factors in Real Estate Negotiations (3 hours)
  • Negotiating Across Generations in Real Estate (3 hours)

Agents who earn the MCNE® designation definitely have a marketing advantage.  One MCNE® graduate completed her best year ever by closing 18 transactions during the three-plus months of her MCNE® courses (including two transactions done completely by email!).

HAR will continue to lead the country in MCNE® graduates by offering all six MCNE® courses during the fall.  For more information about the MCNE® designation program and the Real Estate Negotiation Institute, please visit or .