Every couple of years, HAR embarks on a new campaign for our outdoor (billboard) advertising.  Due to the way we place our ad buy, our campaigns stay “fresh” for about one to two years because we largely have rotators that change location every two months.  Only three of our 11 billboard locations are permanent, so there will always be an HAR message there, but the messages change every couple of months.

These are all of the locations of the billboards around the greater Houston area

Our newest campaign was placed around town at the beginning of June.  You can see on the above map all of the locations, at least for the next month.  After that, they will be shifted to be exposed to more/different people.  About one million people drive past YOUR billboards every day.  That’s quite a few eyeballs being reminded of the value of using a REALTOR®, among other things.

The above shown billboard is just one of the designs that highlights the use of a REALTOR® and promotes HAR.com for your listings.  The others say “1,000,000 Consumers—One Click” and “Sell. Buy. Rent.  Ask Your REALTOR®.”  These designs address the amount of traffic your listings on HAR.com receive each month and the various possible housing decisions a consumer might be making, such as selling, buying or renting.  I know many of our members who specialize in the rental market feel they are neglected so our intent was to help alleviate some of that with this billboard.

Just one example of the new HAR billboards

We also have a commercial board that says “10,000 Commercial Listings—CommGate” and have one board in Spanish and another one coming in Vietnamese.

Even though we just launched this new campaign series, we are already underway developing one more concept that will likely go up on two of the billboards around town…so stay tuned!