On May 23, HAR hosted this year’s Global Day at NRL Mortgage. HAR Chair, Thomas Mouton, kicked off the day, welcoming attendees and introducing Pius Dawson, the 2024 HAR Global Advisory Group Chair.

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Lynn Krebs, Research Economist at the Texas A&M University Real Estate Center, discussed “Texas Today and Tomorrow – A Demographic and Economic Outlook” providing attendees data and information about demographic trends for Texas and Houston area, macroeconomics of the real estate market, Texas’ competitiveness by sector, Texas housing markets, the Texas Real Estate Center’s real estate forecast and outlook.

Following this, we welcomed Sandija Bayot from the World Affairs Council. Sandija presentation set the stage for the morning sessions, which continued with Pius unpacking the HAR Global survey findings from the 2023 Texas REALTORS global report and the September 2023 HAR survey. Nathan Goble and Pius then provided an overview of the HAR Global Information Exchange (GIE) program, explaining how to sign up, input listings, and utilize Omni MLS.

The first panel discussion, “Local Voices, Global Perspectives,” was moderated by Jane Byrd, and featured experts discussing various aspects of global real estate.

Afternoon sessions included, Allan Tiller, who presented “A Bird’s-Eye View of FIRPTA,” followed by Joe Perez leading an interactive discussion on recent immigration reform. HAR’s own Cristina Schaefer and Claudia Hernandez presented on leveraging social media and video for global real estate reach, respectively.

The day concluded with the second panel discussion, “Beyond Borders,” moderated by Theresa Hill, and featured NAR Global Ambassadors Karen Arbelaez, Ed Eakin, and Pius Dawson discussing their respective regions.


A reception followed at Sylvia’s Kitchen, providing attendees with an opportunity to network and unwind.