The COVID-19 pandemic has brought dramatic change to the way REALTORS® are doing business today and will do business for years to come. With that in mind, HAR has assembled the greatest thought leaders from the real estate industry to present a series of virtual events designed to prepare our REALTOR® members for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in this new environment.


May 13 – Ray Holtzapple: Property Tax Protesting: What You Really Need to Know

May 14 – Steve Bilicek: Tips on Learning to Sell Land

May 19 – Jeffrey Jones: How to Buy and Sell Businesses 101

May 20 – Jennifer Wauhob & Claudia Hernandez: Virtual Communication with Video

May 21 – Verl Workman: How to Thrive in the New Normal!

May 26 – Edward Moncur: Cyber Security in Times of Crisis

May 27 – Chris Smith: How to Stay on Top of Your Game Now!

May 28 – Dr. Klineberg: Houston on the Brink: Tracking Responses to the Economic & Demographic Transformations through 39 years of Surveys


HAR Chief Technology Officer Taqi Rizvi and MLS Director Shawn Dauphine gave an MLS update and present the latest HAR virtual technology tools.

Stefan Swanepoel and Bob Hale discussed ways you can thrive in our new environment.

HAR Legal Counsel Grant Harpold provided a legal update.

April 23
Brad Inman and Bob Hale

April 24
Kristi Kennely: The New& Next Normal

April 29
Build for the Bounce with Verl Workman

April 30
Economic Update with Ted C. Jones