Please be on the alert that thieves, using a legitimate REALTOR®’s name, scheduled an accompanied showing and items were stolen.

Their possible M.O. is as follows:

  • Suspect #1 scheduled a showing, saying she’s a Galveston REALTOR® and does not have a Supra Key, so the listing firm had an accompanied showing. The suspect unlocks an outside door at some point during the showing.
  • An accomplice comes back later, enters through the unlocked door and removes some items. Two jewelry boxes were discovered missing when the owners arrived home on Sunday.
  • The REALTOR® whose name was used was NOT the person who arrived for the showings and is not involved in this crime.
  • The thieves are aware they have been found out so they may change the name and continue.

Descriptions of the fake REALTOR® and client:

  • Two women-
    • Caucasian, 25-30 years old; medium tall approx. 5’7”; light brown, straight hair; fair to medium skin, slightly tanned; fraudulently using a Galveston REALTOR®’s name/firm
    • Caucasian, 35- 40 years old; shorter, around 5’1” or 5’2”; short, straight blond-highlighted hair, worn in a bob, parted on left side.
    • Drove a double-cab, Dodge pickup that was gray with black trim

Please contact HAR at to let us know if you suspect this may be occurring with one of your listings or if you have any information.