HAR has learned that the so-called “foot fetish creep” is back at it again, only this time, placing harassing calls to women REALTORS® from a blocked number. For those unfamiliar with this individual, he has been on and off HAR’s and law enforcement’s radar for many years. In the past, he has identified himself as Andy or Eddie when calling. He starts out specifically requesting that a female agent show him a property, and then begins asking if she is wearing sandals or wears flip-flops and requests specific details about the footwear. He will then ask the agent to remove her shoes and walk across the floor. In some cases he asks whether they have had a pedicure and to describe the nail polish. 

We are told that during the latest calls, the suspect has inquired about properties in the $6 million to $7.0 million range, and claims that he is prepared to make a cash offer on these homes. He also insists that the female REALTOR® wear flip-flops while showing him the listings. Traditionally, the “foot fetish creep” has only wanted to speak to female agents. If a male agent, husband, boyfriend or male associate gets on the call, he becomes flustered and sometimes hangs up only to call back, sometimes repeatedly—and at all hours of the night.

HAR urges members to immediately call 911 to report any such harassment to local police. The easiest thing to do is not answer calls from blocked numbers. Some other agents/firms have also purchased an app that would unmask blocked numbers, and one person in the Clear Lake Area was previously arrested based on the phone number that was unmasked.

In January 2020, HAR received complaints about a foot fetish caller that quickly became agitated during the calls and threatened physical harm. This latest round of complaints falls more along the lines of the original technique, which was to begin the call asking about a property listing, and then quickly transitioning to a creepy conversation about footwear and pedicures. It is difficult to know if this is one person or multiple callers. CLICK HERE to read the January 2020 article that HAR published with details about the suspect that made violent threats during his calls.

HAR reminds all members to make your safety as well as the safety of your family members and clients your top priority.