Tempo is scheduled for retirement November 14, 2017.
Fusion retired on October 17, 2017.

It was 2002 when HAR last changed MLS systems going from StellarView to Tempo and many agents at the time were learning how to browse the Internet. Some voiced their concerns about the change, even though StellarView was antiquated technology, limited to one property photo, only 500 users could use the system at one time and your session “timed-out” if you were idle for 3 minutes. This was the system agents were familiar with and they did not want to change, despite the availability of better technology.

Since that time, we have witnessed huge advances in technology including the maturity of Internet software, broadband access and an explosion in mobile devices. One thing that has not changed is human nature’s reluctance to change, especially when it comes to learning new software. Changing from one MLS system to another is never convenient and can be difficult for many. HAR understands this and has worked to update and keep in place Tempo for more than 15 years, a very long time in terms of technology and software.

To assist you in this transition, HAR continues to offer free, CE-accredited training classes on the Matrix system and weekly live webinars. HAR members also have access to several video tutorials inside the Member Only Portal and in the Matrix “Help” section.

HAR would like to thank the thousands of members who have already taken the time to learn and transition to Matrix before Tempo is turned off.


  • HAR’s vendor, Corelogic, has discontinued both Tempo and Fusion
  • After 15 years, HAR is the last MLS in the country still using Tempo and Fusion
  • Matrix is the single platform that will be supported into the future
  • More than 700,000 agents across North America currently use Matrix

How do I get started?

  • Visit www.har.com/matrix
  • Watch Matrix video tutorials – (visit www.har.com/matrix and look in the “Video Tutorials” section)
  • Login to HAR.com and start using Matrix
  • Register for a hands-on Matrix training class

For more details and training opportunities, please visit: www.har.com/matrix.