This famous quote is very telling of the bright minds that find solutions for everyday problems, whether they are big or small. There are many problems in our day to day lives, but with the availability of new technology, those problems seem to take a burden off our shoulders. HAR’s latest tool to add photo descriptions can do just that when it comes to adding or modifying photo descriptions inside Matrix.

This new addition to our system is a perfect tool for those that struggle to complete tasks in a given period of time. The efficiency factor is a major asset which will further assist those in need of a quick solution to their struggle. 

Photo Description inside Matrix

The current way of adding photo descriptions for each individual photo is inefficient and can be a waste of time and energy. Each photo requires four clicks to add just one photo description, which is highly ineffective if an agent has 50 plus descriptions to be added. To say the least, this method is redundant and frustrating. HAR has come up with a new tool which will help in this area of writing descriptions. 

New Photo Description Tool

The team has developed a new and simple solution for the imminent issue of adding photo descriptions on Matrix. The new tool allows the user to post multiple descriptions all at once, as opposed to spending a long-time adding description one by one. The good news is that adding photo descriptions for all images can be done within minutes, reducing the amount of labor and boosting efficiency. This is beneficial in many ways and is much simpler to use. 

How to Access the New Photo Description Tool?

Within Matrix: Go to “Add/Edit” and select your listing. After that, click on ‘HAR Add/Edit Photo Descriptions in the ‘Other Options’ section. (pic.1)

Search HAR Members Only Area: Search by entering “My Listing” and then clicking on the “My Listings” option. On the next screen, click on “Action” to the right of the listing (pic.2) and then click on “Photo Description” after that. (pic.3)

Our mission is to make work simpler and increase member productivity. provide multiple of resources and is always looking for ways to better assist our members. We want to make life easier without the pressure of being in a time crunch, which leads to stress and an unnecessary waste of time. We hope this technology assists others too because it has been highly effective on our end.

Modifying listings has led us to create an efficient tool which will assist in photo descriptions. Our goal is to make life easier for our clients and assist them in every way possible. Matrix is just one of the plenty tools that HAR provides to ease the burden for our clients.