The HAR Engage conference was held October 23 and received high praise from those present. The Norris Conference Center at CityCentre was the venue and eighteen sessions were offered between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.. Six hours of continuing education credits were also a part of the daylong event.

2019 HAR Chair, Shannon Cobb Evans, kicked things off at 9 a.m. in the ballroom and welcomed a large crowd to the annual member conference. Joy Baldridge was the opening speaker and she wowed the crowd with her fun and uplifting style and easy to remember business takeaways. She presented an afternoon session on sales tactics as well.

2019 HAR Engage Chairman, Quenton Rockwell, along with the 2019 HAR Engage Advisory Group, met several times during the year, to plan every detail of the conference, from selecting session topics and content, to promoting the conference and sharing ideas to streamline the registration process. Thank you 2019 HAR Engage volunteers!

The sessions were divided up into three categories: broker, agent and social media/technology tools.

The attendees came together three times during the day in the ballroom and attended sessions of their choice throughout the rest of the conference.

According to the post event survey results, the top 3 favorite sessions were HAR President & CEO Bob Hale’s presentation Shift Happens! Kristi Kennelly’s session about Authentic Marketing Strategies and HAR Social Media Manager Cristina Schaefer’s class on Social Media Storytelling. 

The members that attended were enthusiastic about the conference and what they learned. We hope you can join us next year on Thursday, September 24,  for the next HAR Engage.

Photos courtesy of TK Images