Q. Why is the ActiveKEY retiring?

The ActiveKEY operates on 2G technology which is being phased out by all major cell phone carriers. That means the ActiveKEY will no longer work later this year and will no longer be supported by Supra.  So that our members still using the ActiveKEY are not left without a functioning key, Supra is conducting this upgrade to the eKEY now.

Q. How do I upgrade to the eKEY?

  1. Schedule your appointment
  2. Verify the operating system of your phone. The eKEY app works with Apple iOS 12 (or later) and with Android OS 8 (or later). View more info here.
  3. Download the Supra eKEY app to your phone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play
  4. Decide what 4-digit PIN code you want.

Q. What do I do if I don’t have a smart phone?

You will need to obtain a phone or tablet running Apple iOS 12 (or later) or Android OS 8 (or later).  The eKEY does not require a cell phone service plan, but it is recommended.  The device must be able to connect to Wi-fi or cell service so that it can be updated each day before going to show properties.

Click below for a list of recommended and tested devices:


Q. How much does the eKEY cost?

eKEY fees are paid monthly at $12.67 per month, a savings of $48 per year from your ActiveKEY fees.

Note: a credit card is required for eKEY services.

Q. I already paid for the year on my ActiveKEY, do I get a refund?

Yes, Supra will refund your paid 2021 ActiveKEY fees when you upgrade to eKEY during the following timeframes:

June 8 – July 7:  $116.97 refund (equal to 7 months of fees)

July 8 – August 7:  $100.26 refund (equal to 6 months of fees)

Q. Do I need cell service at the property for the eKEY to open a lockbox?

No. You just need to update your phone prior to leaving your home or office, and it will be ready to go at the property.

Q. What is the deadline for me to switch to the eKEY?

Supra’s goal is to have all ActiveKEY users upgraded to the eKEY by Friday, August 6, 2021.

Q. Do I need to return the ActiveKEY device?

No. Please just dispose of the ActiveKEY responsibly, but it is not necessary to return the device.