Learning to use and understand the latest technologies is like learning to be proficient in a new language. From social media to mobile apps, they all have their own purpose, culture, and dialect. With society being ever dependent on technology, you as a REALTOR® have to stay fluent in Geek Speak and on top of your game!

American writer Stewart Brand said it best: “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” So how can The BIG e help you stay full steam ahead and not become technology roadkill?

Whether you are tech savvy or the farthest from it, The BIG e has a place for you to learn and grow! From the basics down to the hands-on nitty gritty, each session is specifically geared towards a certain audience (agent, broker, technology) so that you can feel comfortable and learn what applies to you.

Key Highlights:

  • Find out the Top 10 Technology Mistakes you are currently making with Terry Watson.
  • Bring your favorite mobile device for hands-on learning in the Live Oak Room covering topics such as…
  • Evernote
  • Pinterest and Instagram
  • The Top-10 Tools from HAR
  • Who’s the new consumer and how to work with them.

It doesn’t stop there! To get the full experience and be the top tech geek in your class, look no further than the VIProducer Pass.  Learn effective and easily implementable reputation strategies from international speaker Terry Watson during this VIP only luncheon.

VIP Luncheon – The Yelp Effect (Pleasing the Empowered Customer) with Terry Watson
You no longer have customers. You now have Bloggers, online reviewers, and potential Social Media Vigilantes. One bad experience or a perceived unhappy outcome can encourage an online review that will repel potential business like a two-day old baby diaper. A customer with a Smartphone or an Internet connection has the ability to affect your bottom line. Ironically, most companies are doing little if anything preemptive regarding reputation management and taking charge of the customer experience. When is the best time to handle a problem? Before you have one! Learn the simple things that have an enormous impact on customer satisfaction in a laugh out loud way.

For only $99, that little extra VIP investment goes a long way. Register today at www.har.com/thebige before passes sell out!