December 9 was Runoff Election Day in the City of Houston, and it was HAR recommended candidate John Whitmire who came out on top in the mayors race to become the 63rd mayor in the city’s history. In the end, the race was a total landslide as Whitmire defeated U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee by nearly 29 percentage points after about 17% of registered voters cast a ballot.

Mayor Whitmire and the rest of City Council were sworn in on January 2. HAR looks forward to working with the new mayor and all of the election winners to help lead Houston into the future.


City of Houston | * Incumbent

Mayor – John Whitmire
RESULT: Elected with 64%

At-Large Position 4 – Letitia Plummer*
RESULT: Re-Elected with 53%

City Controller – Chris Hollins
RESULT: Elected with 59%

District D – Carolyn Evans-Shabazz*
RESULT: Re-Elected with 65%

At-Large Position 1 – Melanie Miles
RESULT: Defeated with 49.9%

District G – Mary Nan Huffman*
RESULT: Re-Elected with 57%

At-Large Position 2 – Nick Hellyar
RESULT: Defeated with 45%

District H – Mario Castillo
RESULT: Elected with 64%

At-Large Position 3 – No Recommendation

Pearland Special Election

Position 6 – Chad Thumann
RESULT: Elected with 63%