A major component of the REALTOR® Party theme of Vote, Act, Invest, includes the Broker Involvement Program. The success of the Broker Involvement Program has clearly demonstrated that when Broker Owners/Managers alert their agents to key issues, agents listen and take action. NAR’s Broker Involvement Program provides you, the Broker, with a quick and effective tool to rally your agents and send a clear united voice to our Congressional leaders on critical legislative issues affecting our industry.

Calls for Action (CFA) response rates are significantly higher when agents receive their message from you, their Broker. You’re important! In a recent 2010 CFA nearly 42% of all responses were from agents in the Broker Involvement Program.

REALTORS® not only represent a diverse cross section of America, but also interact with clients from all walks of life in every community and every Congressional District. Working together we have the opportunity to bring our strong and united REALTOR® voice to Members of Congress on issues of concern to the REALTOR® community, your real estate business and private property rights.

The Broker Involvement Program Offers Brokers and Their Agents:

  • An effective approach to increase REALTOR® influence on important legislation and help shape legislation that can affect your bottom line.
  • The Broker’s message and CFA e-mail has your name and company logo, placing you in the position of leadership and knowledge for your agents.
  • NAR keeps you abreast of the legislative impact, changes and final outcomes for each CFA.
  • A program that requires only a small amount of your time with no costs involved.
  • NAR does most of the work for you and tracks your company’s CFA response rate online.

Challenges Needing Your Involvement:

  • Mortgage Interest Deduction/Capital Gains: Aggressively oppose any and all proposals that would reduce the value of the mortgage interest deduction or that would erode the $250,000/$500,000 capital gains exclusion on the sale of a principal residence.
  • Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Restructuring/FHA Insurance Program/Loan Limits/Financial Services Regulatory Reform/FHA Condominium Rules: Advocate policies that would ensure that there is adequate liquidity in the mortgage market while providing for the safety and soundness of the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs).
  • Short Sales: Continue efforts to improve the short sales process; monitor implementation of the Home Affordable Foreclosure Avoidance Program (HAFA) that incorporates NAR’s suggestions for a uniform process, standard forms, and deadlines.
  • Commercial Real Estate Lending: Urge the adoption of federal policies that promote increased lending and access to credit in commercial mortgage markets.

Participation in the Broker Involvement Program is Easy!

Complete the online form at: www.realtoractioncenter.com/brokersjoin.

Simply enroll your company into the Broker Program and verify your contact information, number of offices,
agent count and send your company logo to either Jackie Zaporowski at jzaporowski@realtors.org or Erin Murphy at emurphy@realtors.org.

New fully automatic Broker Calls For Action (Auto–participation):

The Broker CFA will now be among the first messages sent to agents. NAR will alert you by phone and email (brokeradvocacy@realtors.org) when there is a national Broker CFA (usually 3 or 5 per year). The Broker agrees NAR can automatically send all national Broker CFAs with the Broker’s name and company logo to their agents, thus enabling their agents to quickly take action. This is the most efficient and effective method to voice our REALTOR® opinion to our Congressional leaders.

For Broker Owners with 100 or more agents you may choose:

  • Auto–participation as described above or
  • Review and approve. NAR will alert the Broker by phone and email (brokeradvocacy@realtors.org) when
    there is a National Broker CFA. The Broker’s email message and the CFA will be available for review on
    the Broker Portal. The Broker may approve or reject sending the Broker message and CFA with their name
    and logo. The Broker CFA will be delayed until we receive your approval or not sent in your name if you
    reject the message. NAR will continue to send CFAs to all members from NAR as it customarily does. Only
    upon your approval will we then send your Broker message and CFA to your agents that have not yet