The November election is just around the corner and the first step in being able to cast your ballot on or before election day is registering to vote. Whether you cast your ballot at the polls during early voting, at-home by mail or in person on election day your vote is more important now than ever! Take the first step and register to vote or check your registration status today before it’s too late! 

5 Facts About National Voter Registration Day 

  1. A Nonpartisan Civic Holiday 
  1. First Observed in 2012 
  1. Coordinated Voter Registration Effort by Organizations and Volunteers Across America  
  1. Nearly 3 Million Voters Have Registered to Vote 
  1. Uses Social Media to Spread Awareness #NationalVoterRegistrationDay 

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How to Register to Vote 

Visit the following links to request a voter registration application, update your name or address or confirm your registration status. The last day to register to vote in the November Election is Monday, October 5th.