(October 2022)   It’s difficult to look at a website or turn on the TV without hearing about the economy, including the housing market. For the latest MLS stats for our market, you may read pages 8-12. As you’ll see, transactions were down but pricing was up. Pricing can be a lagging indicator, meaning that revised expectations have to work their way through the system before pricing gets impacted. We have started including a pre-pandemic comparison in our report, which shows that August 2022 sales were down 5 percent compared to August 2019. That’s more reasonable than the 15.8 percent decline from last year when we were at record levels.

We regularly received feedback and suggestions from members, which is great since we can only be responsive when we are told there is something that could be better. The real way to make change though is to “Get Involved.” This is your chance. The “Get Involved” campaign has begun to ask members to apply to serve on one of the many advisory groups. I have said it before, but the advisory groups are where the rubber meets the road. Any new policy or change that comes to the board of directors for consideration has gone through an advisory group first. You may see all the opportunities on pages 16-17.

There’s still a chance to nominate someone (or yourself) for the HAR REALTOR® of the Year or John E. Wolf Community Service Award, but the deadline is October 7. You may read the criteria and find the nomination forms on page 20. These are the highest honors for HAR members, so submit some good candidates!

We know that you all follow HAR’s social media channels, but we have brought them to you in this magazine. You may find some of the most engaging posts on page 23. It couldn’t be easier than if we recorded them and sent them all to you. Hmm…

I’m sure that all of you have already purchased your tickets to HAR Engage, which is the largest HAR event of the year.  It is back in person and has a great line-up of speakers, and I am not just saying that because I am one of them. You may see the whole schedule and more information about how to buy tickets on pages 26-27.

Politics may not be everyone’s favorite topic these days, but much of HAR’s success is attributable to our political success. No REALTOR® association in the country raises more money for the PAC than HAR. The TREPAC fiscal year has ended, so we are starting on a new year already. There’s no time like the present to go ahead and make your investment, especially with the Texas Legislative session coming up. We thank all of our past investors on pages 28-29.

Along those lines, we also have a big election coming up, so you can find the recommended candidates list on page 31. Make sure you are registered to vote prior to October 11 to be able to vote in the November election.

Until next month,