Matrix 11.2.3 Release Notes

On February 7th, CoreLogic updated Matrix to version 11.2.3. When you first log in, it will appear as though nothing has changed:

Upon closer inspection, there are a few new and revised features that are included with the release. The first being the Modern Matrix Dashboard. The Dashboard can be activated by clicking on your name in the top right corner and then click on ‘Classic Mode’:

When switching modes, a message will appear regarding the new mode. Click ‘Go to New Dashboard’ to continue:


Modern Matrix Dashboard:


The number of columns displayed will be based on the resolution of the screen being used. Here is a preview from an iPhone:

With responsive design comes other changes to the dashboard. Rearranging the widgets is not handled by drag and drop, but rather by utilizing the new ‘Edit Dashboard’ button:


This button will open a pane on the left side to turn on/off certain widgets and set the display order:

Note: The News & Alerts widget cannot be modified.



Another new feature that comes with the Modern Dashboard is Timeline. This new feature is accessible by clicking on the two right arrows next to the Dashboard header:

Once the Timeline is open, click the gear icon to customize which types of events are displayed:

NOTE: These settings are the same as the Portal Notification Settings that go to your email/text message. In Classic Mode, an extra column is added for Timeline.


Once those settings are set, the Timeline will show activity from the past 7 days. If you want to see what has happened since your session started, click the refresh button to pull in the latest updates:

Finally, Matrix has introduced a Font Size selector that alternates the font between 3 different settings:

This function only works with responsive design pages. The following areas of Matrix have been updated to responsive design:

Top Menu
My Searches*
My Auto-Emails*
*With ‘Classic Mode’ turned off

Responsive design will eventually be available to all areas of Matrix.

Other Updates and Bug Fixes:

  • Media Manager: Fixed: When dragging listing photos to reorder them, an image’s URL would get populated into another image’s description field if the user “dropped” the photo in that field.
  • Manage Attachments: Fixed: Restored functionality that allowed user to sort the order of the uploaded document.
  • Media Manager: Fixed: When trying to upload an unsupported supplement file type, Matrix no longer gives the user an error and just refreshes the screen

If you have any issues related to these updates, please contact Matrix Technical Support: 1-877-805-7301.