The following list of HAR recommended candidates, has been carefully screened and approved by board leadership.

City of Houston Elections

  • Mayor – John Whitmire
  • City Controller – Chris Hollins
  • District A – Amy Peck*
  • District B – Tarsha Jackson*
  • District C – Abbie Kamin*
  • District D – Carolyn Evans-Shabazz*
  • District E – Martina Lemond Dixon
  • District F – Tiffany Thomas*
  • District G – Mary Nan Huffman*
  • District H – Mario Castillo
  • District I – Joaquin Martinez
  • District J – Edward Pollard*
  • District K – Martha Castex-Tatum*
  • At-Large Position 1 – No Recommendation
  • At-Large Position 2 – No Recommendation
  • At-Large Position 3 – No Recommendation
  • At-Large Position 4 – Letitia Plummer*
  • At-Large Position 5 – Sallie Alcorn*

The Woodlands Township

  • Position 5 – Tricia Danto
  • Position 6 – Dr. Ann Snyder
  • Position 7 – Cindy Heiser

Statewide Ballot Propositions

All voters in the State of Texas will have the opportunity to cast their votes on 14 statewide constitutional amendments, the most that have been passed by the state legislature since 2007. Texas REALTORS® is supporting five of the 14 amendments and has taken a neutral position on the others.

Texas REALTORS® Supported Constitutional Amendments

  • • Proposition 1: Establishing the Right to Farm
  • • Proposition 4: Property Tax Relief
  • • Proposition 6: Establishing the Texas Water Fund
  • • Proposition 7: Establishing the Texas Energy Fund
  • • Proposition 8: Establishing the Broadband Infrastructure Fund 

For more information on all of the statewide constitutional amendments visit 

Local Charter Amendments 

Along with the candidates and the statewide constitutional amendments on the ballot, voters in Harris County will have the chance to approve a bond for the Harris County Hospital District. Additionally, voters in the City of Houston will have the opportunity to vote on two local charter amendments. Harris County Hospital District Proposition A:

All voters in Harris County will have the chance to approve this $2.5 billion bond proposition for the Harris County Hospital District. If approved by the voters, this bond would allow for $1.6 billion to be used for constructing a new Level 1-capable trauma center at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital. The bond also includes funding for renovations to LBJ and Ben Taub Hospitals and the creation of three new community clinics. 

City of Houston Proposition A: 

The first charter amendment in the City of Houston would give any three council members the ability to add an item to the agenda for City Council meetings. Currently, under Houston’s strong-mayor form of government, only the mayor has the power to add items to the weekly agenda. 

City of Houston Proposition B: 

The other local charter amendment focuses on the makeup of the Houston-Galveston Area Council, a regional organization tasked with allocating state and federal funding. Under the current structure, Houston, which makes up nearly 1/3rd of the organization’s population, has only two of the 37 seats on the Council. This amendment looks to change the structure of the group to population-based representation or allow the city to remove itself from the group.

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