By Enid Cleland, CIPS |  2022 Global Advisory Group Chair

Despite yet another year of COVID restrictions, our 2022 Global Advisory Group once again persevered! A huge thank you to all our group members for all that we achieved throughout the year. Here is a quick recap of our many accomplishments:

We received word less than a month ago that the HAR Global program had once more been awarded the biennial Diamond Award from NAR Global. 

The HAR Global newsletter was published quarterly this year and sent to more than 8,000 HAR Global Business Network members. Network members receive advance notice of upcoming global classes, networking events and international news that can affect their real estate business. Find out how you can become a Global Business Network member by emailing us at

The Global Hotline, an online learning lab, was offered quarterly this year. The last one for 2022 is scheduled for Wednesday, December 14 at 10am. The panel consists of HAR Immediate Past Chairman Richard Miranda, HAR Legal Counsel Grant Harpold and me as the 2022 HAR Global Chair. These labs are hour-long interactive sessions enabling members to reach out to HAR with anyglobal real estate questions.

The new Global Information Exchange is set to replace our MLS area 82 in early 2023. Stay tuned for more details. 

October brought us the annual Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals Conference (AMPI Congreso). I traveled to Tijuana, Mexico with co-members and past HAR Global Chairs Ed Eakin and Susan Annoura to attend AMPI’s 51st Congreso. AMPI is Mexico’s equivalent to NAR, so it was well attended by many global real estate professionals. We were able to connect with new and old global colleagues from Tampico, Manzanillo Spain, Costa Rica and as well as our Texas friends from Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Although this trip was not affiliated with HAR, our AMPI friends were very pleased we were part of the Texas delegation at their annual conference.

HAR hosted the NAR CIPS Institute virtually in late September and early October and we has 20 attendees this year. A CIPS networking reception for all designers in the Greater Houston area was held in early October.

We have officially conducted our last advisory group meeting and my time as the 2022 Global Advisory Group Chair is now ending. As I reflect on this year, I am honored and blessed that I was able to lead this incredible group of Realtors® that share my deep interest in global real estate. 

I will end by saying I am excited to see what the future holds for my friend and global colleague Elyssin Corona as she rises to 2023 Global Advisory Chair. Best of luck to you and the new incoming Global Members!