Dear HAR Members,

As we look forward to 2012 with opportunity and possibility, I am honored to serve as your HAR Chairman of the Board. I am also happy to say that the Board of Directors has recognized the continuing economic situation and has voted to maintain the current dues level for the ninth year in a row. In fact, when combining HAR dues and MLS subscriber fees, the total amount paid is actually lower than what was paid in 1997. How many associations can say that?

We continue to roll out new products and tools to help you become more efficient and effective in your business. Currently we are in the process of launching the new Fusion MLS that will run in parallel with Tempo and provide our members with another fabulous option. We have already launched iPhone, iPad and Android apps that allow you to access member-only information and have a mobile MLS solution that helps you have everything you need on the go.

During the past year, we launched a new communications portal,, that has seen the readership of HAR communications skyrocket. We have taught countless courses and screened countless candidates for elected office. We redesigned our primary member event of the year and had an outstanding success in The BIG e. We launched the first-of-its-kind consumer research panel to help you have your finger on the pulse of the real estate consumer.

We recently launched the zipLogix Digital Ink electronic signature at no additional cost for MLS subscribers who are HAR members, and brokers who choose to sign up for the HAR-ETS program will have access to our “electronic transaction solution” that will allow online tracking of a transaction every step of the way. These two benefits alone will help our members save time and money and are worth more than your annual dues.

You can be assured that 2012 will see many more benefits from HAR that will give you an even greater bang for your dues-dollar-buck.

Through continued efforts to reach even higher heights, HAR maintains its national reputation as the most progressive and benefit-driven association in the country—and I don’t just mean among REALTOR® associations.

Only with the strength and support of all of our 25,000 residential and commercial members can we remain a successful REALTOR® community so I personally thank each of you for your membership in what really is your Association. This Association only exists because of your participation so know that HAR is here to support you in 2012 and for many years to come.

Wayne Stroman
2012 Chairman, Board of Directors
Houston Association of REALTORS®