For those who find themselves in the class of “rare” conference attenders – particularly those who never attend conferences, we realize there are several reasons why this is so.

Three that usually top the list are:
(1) I don’t have the money,
(2) I can’t afford to be away from “the post,” and
(3) I just don’t see any benefit.

A few things you should keep in mind when it comes to attending local conferences – like The BIG e – they offer a lot of positives.  They can feel less rushed because the schedules are less packed.  The smaller crowds can lead to greater chances of meeting like-minded peers, which can increase opportunities to share concrete ideas and get specific feedback. Also, traveling local is easier and less expensive than having to fly across the country:

The costs of attending The BIG e versus a national conference:

Ticket price for The BIG e: $69. Average ticket price to attend a national conference: $400 – flight/food/lodging for a national conference can easily reach $1,000.

If you are one of those people who feels like you cannot “abandon the post,” let us encourage you to give it a shot if at all possible. You might discover ways to grow professionally. Perhaps you will return to your office with a renewed spirit. And, who knows. You may find that you simply enjoy it.

Are you one of those people who  does not see the benefit of attending a local conference like The BIG e? Just take a look at our line-up! It includes some of the real estate industry’s brightest minds, like motivational coach Tom Ferry, Chris Smith with Inman News, Curt Beardsley with and our Event Catalyst Thom Singer! It also features more hands-on Lab Sessions – and our HAR Genius Bar!

Still looking for reasons to attend The BIG e?

  1. Stay one step ahead of your competition by learning the latest technology and marketing trends for the real estate profession.
  2. MUCH less expensive, saving YOU money.
  3. Closer to home, reducing travel time and expenses.
  4. Shorter schedule, reducing time away from home/business as well as costly hotel bills.
  5. Fewer attendees, so the atmosphere will be more relaxed.
  6. Ability to meet other real estate industry professionals who live in your area and make new face-to-face friends.
  7. Ability to see local real estate industry professionals you’ve already met and catch up with them.
  8. More of an opportunity to interact with the speakers.
  9. Receive quality instruction on par with that at larger conferences.
  10. Have lots of fun!

The BIG e is THIS THURSDAY, October 25. Don’t delay! Click here to register TODAY!