One of HAR’s biggest goals for The BIG e is for the conference to benefit you, our member, in numerous ways. From finding the best national real estate experts to covering the hot topics REALTORS® need to know about, we strive to improve the member experience at this event each year.

The BIG e is just two years old and we have already received a lot of member feedback about this one day event, both good and some not so good.

We take your comments very seriously and here’s what we’ve done:

  1. There are now two separate registration areas to ensure smooth and easy admission into the conference, one located in the center’s main lobby and one outside near the Studio Movie Grill.
  2. We have incorporated the use of the latest registration technology and increased the number of HAR staff involved to enhance the admission process.
  3. The session times are now synchronized to enable easier attendee participation.
  4. The breaks are now longer between sessions to allow members time to travel between the meeting rooms, network and keep in contact with their all-important clients.
  5. The opportunities for attendee/presenter interactions before and after sessions have increased.
  6. The HAR staff of experts will be on site and ready to answer every question you may have about HAR.
  7. Our social media presence has been “kicked up a notch” to build HAR member participation and promote this superb member conference.
  8. The BIG e website has gone mobile for you to access before, during and after the event.

New features for the 2013 conference:
1. We will have a mobile event app that allows for:

  • Organized chats during sessions to communicate with other attendees in the room
  • Your personal profile can be linked to your social media profile
  • Event and giveaway notifications
  • Increased engagement with presenters through surveys and Q/A
  • Ability to share content
  • Sponsor locations at the event and their information

2. Hybrid/Webcasting Attendee Options:

  • We are looking into the possibility of offering the main ballroom sessions remotely so you can learn from the comforts of your office via the web for a small fee if you can’t attend in person..
  • More information, including pricing for this option, will be featured on The BIG e event web site so check back soon!

3. Broker centric and agent focused education sessions will be offered.

4. Tech savvy as well as novice sessions will be available.

Now that you know a little bit more about The BIG e than you did before reading this article, it’s time to take action! Why travel to anywhere else when you can learn more locally and for less money? The VIP category is the first to sell out as it is limited to 200 people and includes up front ballroom seating and an educational lunch session. Be sure to register today at