TREPAC Piggy Banks on Parade!

That’s right – HAR TREPAC is announcing the Oinking Campaign. TREPAC Piggy Banks will be on parade in members’ offices as we challenge them to save money and invest in TREPAC.

These special piggy banks designed by students at Willis High School can be displayed in your fellow REALTOR® offices for a TREPAC investment of $99 to $500 depending on the number of piggies. They will then have to rally their office mates to invest in TREPAC to have the piggies removed.

Don’t fear, you can also purchase Anti-Oinking Insurance for a small premium of a $110 TREPAC investment.

Get ready to join in the fun and watch as the passle of pigs travels across Houston from office to office. Contact HAR TREPAC Coordinator Karen Driscoll at to issue your challenge or pay your Anti-Oinking premium today!

Photo: Students from Willis High School helped HAR launch the TREPAC Oinking Campaign by creating and designing the wooden piggy banks and stands in their woodshop and art classes.  We couldn’t have done it without them! Don’t you want one of these wild and zany pieces of art  in your office?