Many of our members take advantage of the free IDX solution that HAR provides. More than 17,000 IDX-enabled member websites have been created. What this means for you is that your listings are being displayed not only on, but on thousands of other MLS advertising channels including the thousands of member websites hosted by and on thousands of external member websites using HAR’s free IDX solution.

A challenge that our members face in boosting traffic to their websites is that it can be costly to increase rankings on search engines.The best way to drive traffic to your website is through optimizing your site for search engines. If you are using HAR’s IDX solution on your website, we would like to help you maximize its benefits. Most members directly link to HAR’s IDX solution from their website. Some members build a frame around the IDX solution within their website. However, many of our members are concerned on how their search engine optimization efforts can be affected by using framed solutions on their non-HAR websites.

We have a simple solution that you can implement to ease those SEO concerns. By creating an A NAME DNS record through your webhost, and pointing it to your HAR-provided IDX solution, search engines will pick up your domain name instead of This will help improve your ranking in the search engine results.

You use the URL for your HAR IDX solution to create a frame page on your non-HAR website (i.e. ). When a user visits your website and they use the property search to find a home, because is the domain name for the frame page, is going to get the credit in the search engine results.

If you’re familiar with the process, create a subdomain such as and point it to the following IP Address : Now for the frame page you’ve created on your non-HAR website, you can use the following URL for your IDX solution: