Each year at about this time, many HAR members receive bogus emails claiming there is an election this May to keep the homestead tax cap for elderly and disabled homeowners in Texas.  It is important for you to know such emails are inaccurate, and there will be NO homestead tax amendment on the ballot in May or any month in 2012. This is for a good reason: The issue was resolved by the Texas Legislature and Texas voters five years ago.

In February 2007, the Texas Legislature passed SJR 13, which proposed a constitutional amendment to provide property tax relief to elderly or disabled taxpayers who did not receive tax relief as a result of the school tax rate reduction passed in the 79th Legislature in 2005.  In May 2007, Texas voters approved Proposition 1, the constitutional amendment providing tax relief to elderly and disabled homeowners, with 88% support.

If you receive one of these emails, you may either disregard it or respond that the proposal was passed in 2007 and will not appear on the ballot this May. Plain and simple, it is bogus information.