Texas REALTORS® can swing this election

History tells us that turnout will be extremely low (probably around 7.5%), but that means Texas REALTORS® (who vote at nearly twice the rate of the general voting-age population) can have a stronger voice than ever! Here are your HAR recommended candidates, who have been vetted by local REALTORS® and are supported based on their alignment with The REALTOR® Party issues that matter most to our industry (protecting private property rights and promoting a strong and healthy business environment). Find your polling location.

Early voting lasts one week only (Monday, May 19 through Friday, May 23) so get to the polls before it is too late! 

Primary Runoff Candidates_ May 2014

REMEMBER: You now need to show photo identification to vote. For the Primary Runoff Election, voters will vote on either the Democratic or Republican ballot. If a voter voted in the primary election, the voter must vote in the same political party runoff election. If a voter did not vote in the primary election, the voter may still vote in the runoff election and for the party of their choice. Early Voting begins May 19 and ends on May 23. During early voting, you may vote at any polling location in your county.