HAR would like to thank the hundreds of HAR members that helped develop and make possible the new Geo Market Area maps recently introduced in Tempo. Led by 2011 MLS Advisory Group Chair Pattie Huey, HAR staff conducted 15 “town hall” meetings with brokers, agents and managers across the Greater Houston and surrounding areas to design a more modern, consumer-friendly market area map. The older MLS Area map will still be available for agents to reference and for searching listings; however, agents can now take advantage of the new predefined Geo Market Areas for searching in more specific areas that better represent today’s market place.

• A new “Geo Market Area” selection will replace the free-form “Market Area” field in Tempo Quick Search. (Note: existing “MLS Area” is not affected by this change and can still be used)

• A new market area map has been developed in conjunction with local agents throughout the Greater Houston area defining the new, consumer-friendly market area boundaries. The map is available from the Quick Search page and as an overlay in the Tempo mapping feature.

• When a listing is added to the MLS, Tempo will automatically select the appropriate market area, based on the property’s location, and add it to the listing record preventing typos or inaccurate selections from being made and providing a more consistent search field.

HAR is taking feedback and requests for changes from agents to help improve the map as we move forward.