Since 1997 has been a key factor keeping HAR MLS subscribers in control of their marketplace.  To maintain this status, HAR leadership closely monitors developments in our industry. One of the most astounding discoveries made in 2019 is the fact that several major entities are spending billions of dollars on technologies designed to change your competitive environment. To ensure our subscribers remain relevant and viable in this new real estate reality, it has become clear that HAR must take steps forward to invest in our members’ future.

  • Average MLS fees across the country are $38 per month, which only provides basic MLS access. Even with the increase, fees for HAR’s MLS Platform that includes, will remain lower than most MLSs while delivering a far greater value.
  • Competition for consumer traffic has become fierce, with Zillow spending $177 million on advertising and $389 million on research and development in 2018 alone. HAR must increase its current investment in advertising and product development to remain the #1 lead generation portal for HAR members.
  • HAR leadership has not raised MLS fees for over 20 years, while continually adding new tools and services.
  • Beginning with the 2nd quarter billing, MLS Subscriber fees will be $35 per month (paid quarterly or annually in advance).

We must recognize that this is the time to take action and see this as an opportunity to work together to meet the needs of our MLS subscribers and their clients.

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