A new powerful and engaging tool to help you stay connected with your clients and customers

As a REALTOR®, you want to do the best job possible for your clients. And now you can show your clients just how much effort goes into listing their property. With MarketInsight, your clients can stay informed about the activities surrounding their property without even contacting you.

MarketInsight allows you to create an account for your buyers, sellers and/or customers to give them access to view pertinent information surrounding a property, such as Web traffic, appointments, nearby comparable properties and much more. Setting up MarketInsight is easy. You can use it for your current active listing inventory, sold transactions, or prospective sellers or lessors for properties that are not in the MLS system. All the information displayed in MarketInsight is branded with your information. Show the value of using a REALTOR® and invite your clients and customers to start using MarketInsight today!

Key Features

Listing Traffic Report
This Listing Traffic Report shows the number of times a listing has been viewed on HAR.com, including a breakdown of how many times each of the features has been viewed (i.e. Photo Gallery, Video, Tax Information, etc).

Your clients can view a list of the showing appointments that have been scheduled for their listing through the HAR Appointment Manager and/or through Centralized Showing Service (CSS). If your office is not using HAR’s free Appointment Manager, please contact support@har.com to learn more about this tool.

Nearby Comparable Properties
Keep your clients and prospects informed about market activity surrounding their property. Customize their view of comparable nearby properties by defining the following criteria: distance range, subdivision or zip code, property type, listing price, and square footage.

Subdivision Price Trends
This section gives your client a market snapshot of their subdivision and an interactive chart depicting the square foot price change data dating back to 1994 (if applicable).

Zip Code Trends
Your clients will be able to access a quick MLS overview of statistics for the zip code, including the number of active listings within the zip code, median appraised value (listing price), median square footage  and much more.

Online Marketing
Show your clients how their listing is promoted on other real estate websites around the country, giving their listing maximum exposure. Your client will be able to access and view their listing on websites such as chron.com, Realtor.com, trulia.com and Zillow.com.

Shared Content
You can share informative videos, links to websites, photos or even notes with your clients.  Use this feature to keep your client up to date with real estate-related content and media.

How to Set Up MarketInsight
Users may access MarketInsight by invitation only. You will need to log in to HAR.com with your username and password. Click on ‘MLS’ from the menu at the top. From the left-hand menu under ‘MLS Tools,’ click on ‘MarketInsight.’ Choose the desired listing and click on ‘Setup MarketInsight.’ You will need to enter the user’s name and email address to send them an invitation to participate in MarketInsight.

What You Choose is What They Get
Each client is different and will have distinct needs during their home selling or home buying process. You have the ability to choose which features they may access in MarketInsight. The administrative area provides a utility which allows you to view the current features available to your client in MarketInsight and the usage history for each tool. You can enable or disable these features by clicking ‘On’ or ‘Off’ under the ‘Control’ column.

Comparable Properties Criteria
By default, your client will be able to see a list of properties that are comparable to their listing. You can configure the criteria for that list by defining the following criteria: distance range, subdivision or zip code, property type, listing price, and square footage.

Weekly Summary Report
You can send a weekly summary report to your users to keep them informed of any activity surrounding their property. This summary report will include all activity surrounding their property in the past seven days. You can choose which day of the week you would like for the weekly summary report to go out for each user, and you can also designate whether or not you would like to receive a copy of that summary report. Users have the option to unsubscribe from these reports at which time you will be notified via e-mail to update their MarketInsight settings.

The HAR Board of Directors, Technology Advisory Group members and staff work diligently to provide you with cutting-edge technology and services. The HAR Technology Department encourages members to take full advantage of all the technology tools provided on HAR.com. Please let us know how we’re doing. We welcome your suggestions and comments at feedback@har.com.