As a REALTOR®, you want to do the best job possible for your clients. Now you can show your clients just how much effort goes into listing their property with MarketInsight, a  powerful new and engaging tool to help you stay connected with your clients and customers.  With MarketInsight, your clients can stay informed about the activities surrounding their property without even contacting you.

•   MarketInsight allows you to create an account for your buyers, sellers and/or customers to give them access to view pertinent information surrounding a property, such as Web traffic, appointments, nearby comparable properties and much more.
•   Setting up MarketInsight is easy. You can use it for your current active listing inventory, sold transactions, or prospective sellers or lessors for properties that are not in the MLS system.
•   All the information displayed in MarketInsight is branded with your information. Show the value of using a REALTOR® and invite your clients and customers to start using MarketInsight today!
•   Find out more about MarketInsight at