More Comments in Response to the Question:

What suggestions do you have about ways that real estate agents or the real estate industry can better serve your needs?

“Have some sort of review process by peers or otherwise. We just sold/bought a house and my parents did too. We used two different REALTORS®. Our transaction was very smooth and we were pleased. My parents had a very different experience. Her REALTOR® was horrible…unprepared, hard to get in touch with, not helpful with pricing and negotiation.”

“A large majority of real estate agents come across as “What’s in it for them?” mentality. I understand that commission is everything, but clients/customers should not feel like a commodity.”

“Follow through with the transaction from start to finish, not just the sale.”

“Agencies should represent buyers or sellers – not both. Work for your client.”

“My biggest disappointment has been with the listing agents we have worked with…late, not show at all, cancel open houses with no signage…send assistants to showings that cannot answer questions, etc.”

“Honesty. Full disclosure”

“Be ethical. Publish your ethical standards.”

“Have fewer agents who are in the business just for a part time fun job and take it more seriously.”

“Should be a more rigorous process to become a real estate agent. I think that experience requirements should be in place to keep inexperienced people from making bad deals.”

“The profession has an honesty problem. You need to self-police dishonest agents. The dishonest ones drag down the reputations of all of you.”

“Require new agents to be overseen or mentored by an experienced agent. In fact, I would expect reputable agencies to do this.”

“As a first time home buyer, I found the process a miserable ordeal. Real estate agents are very protective of their information and not transparent. The real estate agency could be a lot better if there was more transparency and consistent rules. Real estate agents give the similar negative impressions of used car salesman.”

“If every agent was up front and explained EVERYTHING as our REALTOR® did before I signed the contract to sell, then the realty industry would be the best ever. In the end it was painless and enjoyable.”