• HAR urges members to make personal safety a top priority after numerous reports of suspicious activity related to property listings.
  • The most recent case involves jewelry thefts during open houses at high-end properties in Memorial and West University Place. The suspect is named Steven Breed and has been the subject of criminal investigations across Texas. HAR recently posted a safety alert including Breed’s mug shots on the Member’s Only Portal and in HAR Connect, so please review that information as soon as possible. (See his mug shots below.)
  • “Foot Fetish Creep” continues to periodically call REALTORS® whose listings are published in the Houston Chronicle real estate section.
  • HAR receives ongoing complaints about a man who calls, typically giving the name Andy or Eddie, and asking to be shown vacant properties above a certain dollar figure. He only calls female agents, and fortunately, the REALTORS® either sense that something is wrong and hang up or he hasn’t shown up when they have actually scheduled a showing.
  • We have also received calls from members who have been contacted by prospective buyers who might ask to look at properties above a certain price point but don’t meet any of the other typical behaviors. In these cases, we hope those are just legitimate people looking to buy a property. It is wise to be cautious but not so much so that it prevents you from doing business.
Please read the latest safety update here: http://bit.ly/x2rQ0C