Houston Association of REALTORS logoWe all know that HAR.com generates a huge amount of traffic for the thousands of real estate listings provided by our more than 26,000 members. It is now official though that HAR.com is the No. 1 public MLS site in the country, according to a new report by the WAV Group, an industry research and consulting firm.

In fact, HAR.com set a new all-time record for traffic in January 2011, with nearly 1.4 million unique visitors and nearly 1.8 billion hits. Hopefully, this increased level of interest in real estate signals more activity to come in the next few months. Most research shows that consumers begin the purchase process by looking at listings as much as six months before actually contacting a REALTOR®, so this bodes well for a strong spring and summer in the greater Houston area.

Additionally, with all of the public MLS sites across the country, HAR.com generates more than 30 percent of the total traffic on those sites, despite the greater Houston area making up only about two percent of the total population of the U.S.

What does all this mean for you though? It means that consumers are looking at your listings in enormous numbers. In January 2011 alone, nearly 14 million detail pages of YOUR listings were viewed by consumers on HAR.com. When you see one of our advertisements in any of the multitude of publications in which we advertise or you drive past one of our billboards or see a banner ad online, know that is helping drive the consumer to your listings—and to YOU!

HAR.com is your website. It would not exist and be what it is today without you and your listings, so the congratulations on its success and recognition also go to you.