Find Remodelers with the Designation Edge

You know your client’s home is probably the most significant investment they will ever make. And maintaining and improving it adds lasting value and enjoyment. A well-planned and well-done remodeling project, small or large, will substantially enhance their home’s worth.

The Certified Green Professional (CGP), Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) and Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPs) programs help consumers identify remodelers who perform professional quality work. Professionals who have these designations have demonstrated their commitment to excellence and professionalism in the industry through continuing education.When your clients hire a CGP, CGR, or CAPs Contractor, you can expect an experienced professional committed to quality. They understand remodeling, like real estate is a service, not a commodity. The quality of this service will determine your satisfaction with the finished project. That is why you should choose a remodeler with a CGP, CGR or CAPs designation.

To earn these designations, a remodeler must meet nationally defined criteria for previous experience, number of years in business, adhere to prescribed business standards and engage in continuing education. If your remodeler has earned the CGP, CGR or CAPs designation, you can be confident that he or she will provide professional-caliber work. To maintain the designations, remodeling professionals must complete a continuing education requirement every two years. When remodelers demonstrate commitment to the industry, they also provide their concern for the clients. Continuing education provides business related trade shows and courses designed to enhance professional skills. CGPs, CGRs and CAPs remodelers also encourage others to earn other professional designations.