Don’t Forget to Shine Through the HAR Flame

Are you quietly doing charitable/public service work in the community? Be quiet no more! The volunteer efforts of each and every one of HAR’s REALTOR® members are so valuable and serve as an inspiration to others. HAR continues to celebrate such efforts on our HAR Flame website,

We believe it is important that our community know about your generosity, so please share your stories and volunteer hours. Now is the time when we can inspire ourselves, our fellow REALTORS® and our fellow citizens through sharing our examples of caring. The generosity of heart that REALTORS® possess is evidenced by the actions that they take as they share their time, talents and resources. Whether we work in our community together in teams or individually, we are allowed the joy of seeing sadness turn to smiles and tears turn to happiness.

Your stories strengthen our community and inspire your fellow REALTORS®. Please share them so all can feel the positive energy of your contribution.

HAR Flame