Dear Fellow HAR Members

Looking forward to the next few years, there are many challenges ahead, but I always say that challenges also present opportunities.

My Vision for REALTORS®:

  1. To promote REALTORS® as professionals and vital to the real estate transaction
  2. To encourage REALTORS® to be accountable to the public and fellow REALTORS® 
  3. To educate brokers about how to develop and maintain profitable businesses and better oversight of agents 
  4. To continue to promote private property rights and a strong commitment to affordable housing initiatives 
  5. To create advanced real estate training and a standard of practice that works with all business models

I will co ntinue to need the involvement of each of you to help keep the real estate industry strong and to make sure our association is responsive to your needs. There is a great group of people working hard for each of us every day in Austin, and I am glad that I will have the opportunity to be a part of that in a more formal way.

I am proud to have served as your board chairman in 2002, proud to have continued to serve on both the HAR and HRIS boards and proud to represent you and all REALTORS® in this great state as your 2011 TAR Secretary/Treasurer.


Shad Bogany
2011 TAR Secretary/Treasurer