It would be almost impossible not to have heard the hype about QR codes (bar codes, tags) by now. According to Wikipedia, “A QR Code is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones.” REALTORS® are using them. But how and why?

QR codes bridge the gap between print and mobile media. Many predict that smartphones will dominate the 2011 mobile market. Additionally, some studies claim that mobile Web activity will surpass Web activity from PCs and laptops (consider that if you don’t already have one, your next mobile device purchase is likely to be one). QR code readers and tag readers are free to download on most smartphones and easy to use.

REALTORS® can use QR codes or Microsoft Tags in print marketing, such as business cards, yard signs, flyers, bill boards, just listed/just sold postcards, ads and newsletters. For digital marketers, QR codes can be incorporated into websites, Facebook pages, blogs, even e-mail signatures. Once created, the QR code or tag is really just a picture so you can basically use them anywhere you would otherwise use a picture.  The key benefit of using QR codes and tags is the ability to track marketing which makes for much more successful advertising efforts so one can see what types of marketing are serving their practice and the best ROI.  As a test, I used Google’s site: to create the HAR Facebook QR code above.  Not only does this create the QR code, it is also a URL shortener and tracks how many times the QR code was used and when.  The other colorful “tag” you see  also will directs to the HAR Facebook page and the free mobile app is available at:

Still not sold on cracking the QR code? Calvin Klein is:

Calvin Klein Jeans placed QR codes on three of its most prominent billboards — two in midtown Manhattan and one on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Like most other social media marketing, get “on board” or be surpassed.

Still questioning QR codes? Use your bar code or tag reader on your phone and scan the tag or QR code found in this article to direct you to the HAR Fan Page on Facebook. And while there, please be sure to “like” us if you haven’t already.