HAR’s Commercial Information Exchange (CIE), Commercial Gateway is back on the Internet at www.CommGate.com. The service was offline for a week following the bankruptcy filing of its previous technology provide on December 12, 2017. CommGate is being relaunched on a technology platform licensed from Catylist Real Estate Software, Inc. CommGate’s staff is working with members to reload listing data, pictures and flyers. The Catylist platform has been used by commercial brokers for over 15 years and supports all of the marketing and research functions that CommGate members have come to expect since we launched our service in 2001.

Add/Edit Available – Members can now add and edit listings. This includes all media, such as photos, flyers, and links. Current features include:

  • Unlimited Listing Uploads
  • Demographics by Radius and Drive Time
  • National Retailer Maps
  • Individual Property Listing Hyperlinks

Our research and customer support team is available to assist with reloading your listing data. Please note that we cannot accept media produced or copyrighted by third-party vendors.

Public Search Available – CommGate.com offers a public-facing website for the general public to search for commercial properties. CommGate members log in to access a more complete and detailed database of Houston-area properties, gathered by Commercial Gateway’s research staff, which surveys and updates thousands of properties in the area each quarter.

First Quarter 2018 Special Trial Period – Existing CommGate members receive their 1Q2018 services at no charge. New CommGate subscribers may access the site for the remainder of the first quarter at a special rate of $50. Subscribers will be notified of the new subscription price prior to April 1 and will be able to either pay and continue their subscription or terminate the service.

Get Started

  • Visit CommGate.com to view the new site.
  • Reset your Password by clicking Log In then by selecting Forgot your user name or password?
  • Add/Edit your listings or send your listings to be added by our research staff: research@commgate.com.
  • Edit your Member Profile, upload a picture, and set your preferences to manage which broadcast emails you receive.
  • Contact our support team at info@commgate.com to schedule a training session.