Existing home sales, after the best-year in history across the Houston metro and best 12-months in 14 years nationwide, face a challenge in 2022 that can be summed up in two words: Interest Rates. The U.S. is staring in the face at the greatest level of inflation seen in 39 years. The Federal Reserve already announced a tapering of the $120 monthly of Treasury and mortgage-backed securities from banks that could be completed as early as March, setting the stage for the Fed to start ratcheting up rates at that time.

Join HAR’s YPN to hear the discussion on home sales, inflation expectations and interest rates along with:

  • Median Prices
  • Affordability
  • New Home Construction & Constraints in Houston
  • Commercial Real Estate Sales
  • Ongoing Grind of the COVID-19 driven Pandemic
  • Plus other issues including the stock market, overall economy and GDP expectations.

Your clients deserve to know what to expect…by attending HAR’s first economic forecast of the year, you will be informed and able to share this information with your clients.