Over the last couple of weeks, HAR has received numerous calls and emails from concerned members alerting us to a variety of real estate scams. These scams often involve suspicious emails from individuals claiming to be from out of the area and who are looking for properties that they describe in attached files or at links that they ask you to click.

One person claiming to be with AT&T called and told an HAR staffer that he wanted to check his PC security by having him go to a particular link.

Over the years, many scams have centered around requests to wire funds, typically to accounts that are out of the area.

HAR urges you to always use discretion and avoid opening attachments or clicking links that are sent from unfamiliar or suspicious senders or that are provided during suspicious phone calls. Doing so can lead to the unintentional downloading of viruses and open the door to the possibility of hacking.

ALWAYS PUT SAFETY AND SECURITY FIRST in your day-to-day business!