While the majority of property listings on HAR.com display a street address, there are some listings that do not. More than three percent of listings on HAR.com have no property address displayed. Some listing agents, with instructions from the seller, do not display the property address on the Web. Some listing agents refrain from posting the property address on HAR.com because they do not want their clients to find the listing on HAR.com. Whatever the reason, the advantages of displaying an address outweigh the disadvantages.

There is a field in Tempo under the ‘Interior, Exterior, Utilities and Add’l Info’ section called ‘Address on Web.’ In order for the property address to be displayed on HAR.com, it needs to be set to ‘Yes.’

Below are some of the immediate advantages of displaying the property address.

Map on Property’s Detail Page
HAR provides a small aerial map (which outlines the boundaries of the property) and road-view map for each listing on the property’s detail page. From these maps the consumer is able to view the property on a larger map, get directions to the property, e-mail the map to a friend, or print the map.

Exposure on Map Search
The Map Search tool on HAR.com only displays listings with a longitude and latitude. If the listing agent chooses not to display the address on Web, the system does not generate a longitude or latitude for the property, therefore omitting the listing from search results in the Map Search tool.

Exposure on Mobile Devices
HAR.com, as well as other websites such as Zillow.com and REALTOR.com, are developing applications for mobile devices such as the iPhone, to simplify the search experience for users on the go. This technology, however, requires that a listing have a latitude and longitude. If your listing is not displaying the address on the Web, it will not appear in the search results for these apps.

We understand that sometimes it is necessary to avoid displaying the property address on the Web. It might help to emphasize to your seller the huge marketing opportunity they will miss with today’s Internet-savvy consumer.