Because of the constant evolvement of the Internet and now social media, REALTORS® can no longer rely on a single website to mark their web presence and capture the Internet consumer. REALTORS® now have to maintain a website, a Facebook page, a blog, their tweets, a newsletter and so on. To help you promote your multiple social media sites to the consumer on, you can now include links to these sites on the property detail page of your listings if you so choose. This action will also assist HAR in its goal of helping its members provide more relevant information to consumers.

To add your social media and external links, you will need to login to the Members Only site. Once you have logged in, from the top menu, click on ‘Tools.’ From the ‘My Tools’ section on the left hand menu, click on ‘Manage Social Media/External Links.’ Under ‘My Social Media Links’ you can enter the URLs for your profile pages on sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Under ‘My External Links’ you can add URLs to other websites such as your blog, YouTube channel, newsletters, and more.

Where Will All My Links Be Displayed
Your social networking and external sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, blog, website and eNewsletter will be promoted on the property detail page of your listings on

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