Real estate professionals are using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to communicate and network with consumers and their sphere of influence. Many have ignored LinkedIn or not bothered to re-connect with or polished their LinkedIn profiles. That means they are not taking full advantage of the potential that LinkedIn may afford them. When surveyed last fall, Houston Association of REALTORS® members claimed LinkedIn as their No. 1 most-used social media outlet. How about you?

The belief that the business focus of LinkedIn will not connect them to hot home buying and selling prospects isn’t accurate. Everyone works somewhere. And research shows that consumers and professionals are looking you up. How professional is your profile?

Beyond those considerations, however, there is the professionalism of networking with others in positions related to real estate.

  • Other REALTORS®
  • Appraisers
  • Accountants
  • Financial Planners
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Bankers
  • Home Inspectors
  • Attorneys
  • Title companies
  • Contractors

These professionals can be direct-referral sources. LinkedIn allows you to present yourself to these related professionals as well as the opportunity to answer their questions in your areas of expertise. This builds credibility and respect, and it will lead to future business.

A little more about LinkedIn:

  1. There are more than 101 million members worldwide
  2. 47.9% are in North America, 22.8% in Europe and 13.7% in Asia
  3. The Top 10 countries comprise of 76% of all LinkedIn members
  4. 16% of LinkedIn users are in IT, 13.3% Finance, 9.5% Manufacturing, 8.5% Medical
  5. LinkedIn launched in May 2003
  6. LinkedIn reached 1 million users by September 2004
  7. LinkedIn operates in more than 200 countries
  8. 52% of LinkedIn users are outside of the U.S.
  9. 69 of the Top 100 Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn
  10. More than 1 million companies have LinkedIn company pages/groups

There are also numerous groups on LinkedIn discussing real estate and real estate investing topics. Investor clients are on LinkedIn asking questions that you can answer, building your credibility. Join groups such as NAR and HAR and start your discussion.

LinkedIn is also free. What does YOUR profile look like?