These are stressful times. We humans were not programmed for a pandemic. The ‘How-To’ manual is being written on the fly.  

The realities of coronavirus have forced us into makeshift home offices, remote learning for children, wearing protective gear in public, and losing that in-person touch we all crave. On top of that, not knowing when we’ll get back to ‘normal’ only adds to the stress.

But, this has also been a time for unprecedented creativity and adaptability. The human spirit is a powerful force.  We have been touched and inspired by your stories of overcoming adversity during these turbulent times. 

HAR’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) has launched a campaign called How Are You Doing? We want to hear from all HAR members.  Share your story of stress and triumph during the Pandemic in 500 words or less, or through a one-minute video. With your permission, we will publish a few of your stories in the hope that they may help others.  If your story is published, we will send you a $100 gift card!

This is a time to take great care of yourself and lookout for each other.  See something…. say something as the saying goes. So, if you or someone you know needs help coping, we hope these resources below can help.

In the event that you or someone you know needs help, we hope the following resources will be helpful.

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