As frequent guest columnist Jeremy Conaway wrote in the May edition, few will question that one of the most critical factors that have led to the development of the current real estate industry and market environment is the concept of “consumer centricity.” Today’s consumer is central to all aspects of the real estate transaction. What does that have to do with you, the REALTOR®? Everything. You need to know what your present and future clients expect and demand and you need to have that knowledge stated in your value proposition.

There is more real estate data available today than ever before and consumers have easy access to it via widespread technology. Armed with this, they know what features their next home must have, features that fit their expectations and demands. You, the real estate professional, need to be able to articulate to your current and future clients, what value you bring to the transaction.

HAR is currently developing a Value Proposition Guide which will be placed under the Marketing Tools section of the Members Only Portal. Articles and videos can be found there to assist you in creating your unique value proposition and the guide will be available soon.