Safety Alert: Inappropriate Calls

HAR reminds all members to exercise caution at all times when interacting with a prospective client. A few members have complained that they have received inappropriate calls and texts from a man/men using different names and numbers. The calls or texts typically begin sounding quite “normal,” with him inquiring about a specific property or expressing interest in buying a home in a certain neighborhood. But the moment they take a personal turn, you know this is not a legitimate real estate query. He will comment or ask about your physical appearance, and in the case of the foot fetish “creep,” inquire about your footwear, nail polish and other things that have nothing to do with real estate. HAR urges all members to use the free SafeShowings service and HAR’s VerifiedUser tool. Always call 911 right away if you feel threatened at any time.  

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  • If this person is sending so many pictures, why aren’t Agents sending them to the police?
    I fear for her daughter, she is in danger!

  • Yes, this sounds so familiar and it appears to be the same guy. He reached out to me last week via text. Supposedly he found my name and contact on HAR website. His name is Steven and he states he’s in the market to buy cash from will money. He sent me pictures of his dog, food, and himself. I ignored the pics and stayed on the subject. He later offered to do lunch on him at Moxies. Later that day the conversations stopped.

  • I had also worked for United Airline for several years and we had these calls almost every night Maybe he needs to get a job?????

  • I have received text messages requesting my services and as soon as I request the driver license photo, no more messages again.

  • OMG…I’m feeling really, really freaked out.. for most of these comments below are all to familiar and now I’m wondering if this is the same person. I’ve been in conversation with this guy for months. I’m naturally an extremely warm and loving person, and although he’s said a few things that made me feel uncomfortable, I corrected him IMMEDIATELY, and said “DO NOT speak to me that way!” My encounter with this guy (Steven) started out the same way. Will someone give more details or verify that this is/could be the same person? He’s looking to pay cash for a property in the $250K range. Always wants to take me to lunch, but when it comes time for the appointment he never responds.. Yes, he does have a foot fetish. Makes comments on a regular basis that are really inappropriate, regardless of how many times you tell him to keep it business professional (like “how’s my sexy realtor this morning”). He’s got blonde hair, works out, mid to late 40’s, loves to cook; and sends pics of food, dog, and himself (he doesn’t do this anymore because I told him not to). He has a small tan/brown and white dog that he says needs more space, and his lease is month to month (which makes him never in a hurry to do anything). He’s single and has a daughter. He also found me online, no connection otherwise. The first time we met for lunch he insisted I wear the black dress and open toe shoes that I was wearing in my HAR photo. I refused to do this, wore closed toe shoes, slacks, and long sleeves in summer, even though he asked me to wear that outfit at least 20 times..I’ve got a lot more I can put here..YIKES.. it does sound like this is the same person, the difference is, I’ve been in communication with him for longer, and maybe because I’m not playing his game anymore he’s moved on to other women.. this isn’t the first time, and I’m sure it’s not the last time a male has been wildly inappropriate with me…I have a huge heart and love to help people, but this sounds like bad news to me..Kind of interesting too.. I haven’t heard back from him since this report came out on HAR..

    • Kristen, thank you for sharing your experience in such detail. It all sounds extremely creepy. We have heard from other members about this particular suspect and it is frustrating that he continues to harass members even after being reported to authorities on multiple occasions. Feel free to share as much detail as you can with the police. It’s possible that you have just one nugget of information that could make a difference in terms of helping them build a case against him.

    • Kristen, Right when I got my license around Oct/Nov 2020 sounds to me the same guy reached out to me and said he found me on Har… He kept sending me pictures of what he was eating, His daughter (saying he was divorced) & then escalated to sending me pictures of himself posing and asked to meet me in person to go over him buying a property in cash. He said he needed his lawyer to give him a statement with the proof of funds. Once I agreed to meet up with him I mentioned I would be bringing my assistant (which I had none since I was a new agent, I was going to take my friend with me), he got very upset and said I was his agent not my assistant and then went on to send me a very rude message saying he had left a terrible review of me on HAR. Needless to say I was panicking not knowing if he did or not. My broker told me he couldn’t leave a review of me unless he bought a house from me. But after that I blocked him and haven’t heard from him since.

  • I have been receiving calls for over a month the man sound really creepy every time I block the number he calls back from a google number.

  • I received texts in Chinese charactor daily sometimes at night during my bedtimes. All are making inquiries about properties in general Houston area. I called back or texted back and were scam texts. Please help!

  • I received calls and messages from a man that said he found me on HAR. He said he wanted to buy a house and kept sending pictures of his dog and then sent 2 of himself. That’s is when I started getting worried.

    • Yes, I received the same type of call, he stated that he would like to purchase a home for him and his dog, than he started sending me pics of him with no shirt on, pics of his dog and food that he prepared. I blocked him right away.

    • P. Booker
      January 17, 2022 at 3:25 p.m.

      I received an odd call from a man asking about a property I showed the morning of 1/17. Stated he picked up my card while seeing the property and was looking for a realtor & wanted me to represent him. I asked why wasn’t he using his own realtor? He insisted he did not have one & wanted to work with me. I advised him to contact the realtor who opened the property for him to view and submit his information to that agent. He reluctantly stated “ok” and hung up.

      This call was creepy & I did not feel comfortable. Thankfully, he did not call back.

    • Me and my colleague also got the same message. She had a thread from him as far as 2019. He wanted me to meet him immediately. He also sent the pictures of his dog as well. Please be careful he is preying on whomever will take the bait.


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